Friday, November 14, 2014

Why You Should Book A Flight Ticket And Fly Abroad In 2015

Its 2015 already, and it's the best time to travel. It's also time that you plan, save, book flight tickets and head out to see, perhaps, a major sports event live! Go, travel, explore and use any excuse to see the world. Make that your travel resolution for this year. 

You could be enjoying Indian music and delicious Indian meals on board a Lufthansa to watch a match of the Bundesliga, or you could be on your way to watch the a concert in Canada. Make sure that you head out and travel to some foreign place, this year.

Start with this. Get to know the cabin crew of any airline and the hard work they put into providing their service. Learn about different people and their different jobs. 

Befriend an air attendant and hang out with them during a flight layover, chat up with a random stranger (don't be creepy and lingering though) the point is to have new experiences, meet new people and enjoy yourself. 

There's a simple joy in looking out over watching a sea of clouds from 38,000 feet as your inflight entertainment for a few hours – reflecting on rich travel experiences.

Getting back on track, head out and live it up; make your travels like a Bollywood film – large and colourful! Try and opt for a new hobby which would help motivate you to book that flight ticket or, maybe even a seat on a cruise. 

You could be crew member on a snorkelling team or a veg Indian food specialist at a foreign diner (all that time in the kitchen mastering Indian cuisine should pay off).

Imitate stars from Indian TV shows to entertain new found company outside a sports arena - it will throw you off your comfort zone. Cook up a delicious Indian dish at a traveller's hostel with fellow travellers – nothing helps bond better than an Indian cuisine done right. Stepping out of your comfort zone is what you needs to be done. 

Imagine all the adventures, even simple ones, (whether it may be browsing the flight movies list on an impulsive maiden flight to Eastern Europe) that you will have once you let go of your inhibitions!

If you don't have enough money to travel rich, book flight tickets in economy class, choose a bed n' breakfast or hostel instead of a proper hotel,  don't go for that lavish, weekly night out. Save and head out when you can. Even a flight experience with everyone speaking a different language is extremely enriching.

Get up, select a major event, book that flight ticket and hold on to it tight. Step out, the world awaits you.



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Checklist for a Comfortable Visit in Santorini Island

It is advisable to prepare a checklist if you are holidaying in Santorini island and wish for exploring its immense beauty. It is required not because you will get a car at very cheap rates but, because you will not face any embarrassing situations. 

Hence, your journey will be very pleasant and exciting. Here is the checklist to make your journey very comfortable and exciting.

Road maps and safety kits: It is good to keep a road map with you while going to explore any beautiful destination in abroad. As you are a stranger, It will be proved very helpful for you. 

It is also very useful to keep some medicines and other necessary things required for primary treatment in case you got injured in minor accidents. If you receive any injury during journey then you can utilize these things without going in search of a hospital for primary treatment.

A suitable Rental car: You will have to choose a car which is well-maintained, affordable. When selecting a car, make sure that it does not emit much carbon dioxide. The car you chose must be insured under any profitable insurance policy to make you exempted from unnecessary expenses. 

It must have sufficient space to load bag and baggage and seats to accommodate all the passengers and baby seats to adjust babies comfortably or seats for older people. Book an elegant car some days or some weeks before your journey.

Stay at any luxury hotel which is very close to the township: It is better to book hotels and restaurants ahead of time because you may not get a suitable hotel if you book at the last minute. It should be near the township and must have all the modern amenities. 

The hotel or restaurant that you have chosen must be very close to the township and accessible by luxury rental cars of the Santorini Island.

Dry foods and pure drinking water: Take sufficiently dry foods and pure drinking water with you. It is also a good to take cooked food so that you will not have to search for a good restaurant or hotel. 

If you have enough foodstuff then you can live for some days by dry foods and water, in case you got stuck in any problem. You can take warm clothes if it is winter season or loose and comfortable clothes in hot summer days.

A trip in the beautiful Santorini Island will be very comfortable and you will be very happy if you consider those things before your travel.